"...the album is a soulful journey through Turnbaugh's life; loaded with infectious grooves and captivating beats..."
Mary Belzer, Local Artist Spotlight 88.1 KDHX Independent Music Plays Here

"The lyrics touch your heart and the music reaches your soul, MusicEmbryo puts a crowd in awe...they play music that is not only relateable but infectious."

Mili Penski, Editor/Blogger of NoiseSTL

"Their sound is beautiful, I’m not sure how else to put it. There is so much talent enthralled in this band that it births great music."

Johnny Pelhank, Editor/Blogger of Exsist Mag


MusicEmbryo released it's debut collaborative album on October 30th 2012; and was accredited by Saint Louis' independant, listener supported radiostation, 88.1 KDHX as being infectious, soulful, and captivating. On September 9th, 2014, songwriter Dan Turnbaugh released his Sunrise EP via Bandcamp and 10 days later released 50 limited edition CDs hand-made by Gregory Davis Design.

"MusicEmbryo is a reflection of the human spirit.

It lives within the intersection of spirit and sound.

It is here that MusicEmbryo primarily exists to inspire." | Gregory Davis Design 2015